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Jamaica's Gems



Konoko Falls

Konoko Falls and Park allows you to be one with nature and you set the pace.


You can spend the day and tour the property at your leisure or we invite you to take our guided tour of the park with one of our experienced guides. They will lead you through the River Gardens, give you a brief history of our original inhabitants – the Taino Indians, introduce you to a variety of our indigenous birds and animals and guide you up the waterfall climb.


Harmony Beach Park

The Park is located along Howard Cooke Boulevard and approximately seven minutes from the Sangster International Airport. This free, public access Beach Park which spans 16 acres is the recreational focal point for the city of Montego Bay.



Chukka Adventures

Feed your inner thrill seeker on our ATV Safari through a colonial-era estate and along the picturesque coastline, ride into the warm Caribbean Sea atop a swimming horse with our Signature Horseback Ride ‘N’ Swim, cliff jump into the beautiful turquoise waters at the Cove and power snorkel to explore the underwater world. Chukka Cove is located in Llandovery, St. Ann, approximately 15 minutes north of Ocho Rios.


Mystic Mountain

Explore the forest's rich ecosystem, sparkling river streams or simply enjoy the spectacular views. Mystic Mountain offers three unique and exhilarating excursions: Sky Explorer: Positioned prominently at the park’s entrance, the Rainforest SkyExplorer is a state-of-the-art chairlift that sends guests soaring above the treetops up 700 feet to the top of Mystic Mountain. The descent carries them through the heart of the canopy, giving them firsthand glimpses of the wonders of the tropical seaside rainforest. Bobsled Jamaica



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